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Travel grants program for connecting researchers and experts from diaspora and homeland
The Unity through Knowledge Fund has started its Connectivity Program and opened two calls for travel grants. Croatian researchers and experts living abroad and young Croatians scientists and professionals may apply for this support in amount up to 10.000 EUR.

Connectivity Program aims to attract expertise and knowledge of scientific/technological diaspora to Croatia through mobility and networking of highly skilled people. The supported visits should contribute to development of science and technology in Croatia.

The calls for proposals of visits lasting up to 6 months are continuously open. Candidates can submit the proposals through the web site www.ukf.hr. Every three months the Committees of the Fund will decide about allocation of financial support.

The Gaining Experience Grant is aimed for young scientists and experts (not more then 36 years old) from Croatia to visit the excellent research and development facilities abroad in order to establish cooperation and/or acquire new skills necessary for advancing S&T competitiveness in Croatia

The Homeland Visit Grant opens opportunities for outstanding researchers and experts of Croatian origin living abroad to visit Croatian knowledge-based company, R&D organization or public institution in order to contribute to cooperation and to provide knowledge transfer to Croatia in order to advance science and technology.

The Croatian Ministry of Science, Technology and Sports has created the Unity through Knowledge Fund with the resources from the World Bank loan (5 million EUR during next 3 years). The Fund finances joint research and development projects of expatriates and Croatian researchers, institutions and companies.

We recently closed the first round of calls of the Research Cooperability, which have attracted big interest. Next round of calls will be opened during autumn 2007. The calls of the Young Researchers and Professionals Program are currently open, until 15 September 2007.

The Fund will periodically re-open the already closed calls and open new (aimed for commercialization of research, for intellectual property protection and for travel support of young researchers in industry). All supported projects will contribute to the Fund’s mission of unifying scientific and professional potential of Croatia and Diaspora in the development of the knowledge based society.

All information about calls, proposals, evaluation and general about the Fund are available at the internet address www.ukf.hr.



Hrvoje Meštrić, Ph. D.
Program Manager

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