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Statistics STP II

Last updated 30.10.2017

Development of UKF programs within a frame of First (STP I) and Second (STP II) Science and Technology Project
With statistics of “Unity through knowledge fund” we would like to show, through indicators, preliminary results of our programs achieved within Second Science and Technology Project (STP II). Preliminary in sense of reflecting achievements in two years financing of seventeen projects within the “Research Cooperability Program” and one project within “Young Researchers and Professionals Program”. Statistics that have been compiled for projects financed within First Science and Technology Project (STP I) include four-year period. Within this period 3 Programs have been implemented (“Research Cooperability”, “Young researches and professionals” and “Connectivity program”). Amount of funds invested in projects within STP I was 5,068 million EUR, and funds planned to be invested in projects within STP II are 4,729 million EUR.
Number of programs and projects within STP I
 Number of programs and projects within STP II

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