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General UKF project performance indicators
General UKF project performance indicators per Programs and particular calls for proposals - STP II
From the middle of October 2013 until the end of 2017, there have been started and finalized 26 projects within the “Research Cooperability Program” and one project within “Young Researchers and Professionals Program”.
For 17 projects within “Research Cooperability Program” total amount of contracted UKF funds were 2.910.756 EUR (at the end 2.797.125 EUR has been disbursed/spent - 96,1%), while from other sources has been ensured 927.706 EUR in total. Project within “Young researches and professionals Program” has been financed by UKF in amount of 10.532 EUR and private sector ensured additional funds in amount of 33.841 EUR from private sector, which is 3 times more than funds from UKF. In total, UKF projects have ensured, from other sources, additional 34% funds in comparison to funds received from UKF.
As a result of one UKF project, a spin off company has been established. This company has developed a multi-channel floating picoammeters that can operate at high voltage which they sold  to a number of prominent institutions all around the world such as CERN and Yale and they exported the product to many countries such as Israel, Finland, Germany, Spain, Romania, India, USA.
Based on results emerged within one of UKF projects, a project from European Research Council has been won.
9 projects from the second Program call „Research Cooperability“ within STP II which were finished at the end of 2017.  total amount of contracted UKF funds were 1.516.016 EUR (1.429.235 EUR finally spent), while from the other sources has been ensured 704.035 EUR. In total, UKF projects have ensured, from other sources, additional 49% funds in comparison to funds from UKF.

Within the third call for „Research Cooperability“ Program for "My First Collaboration" grant, a total of 12 projects were awarded, which started on 16 October and 1 December 2017 and will last for 15 months. Total contracted UKF funds amount to 469.399 EUR, while other sources provided a total of 114.702 EUR. In total UKF projects from other sources attracted an additional 25,1% compared to the total amount of contracted UKF funds.

Table 1

* Number shows the exact number  of institutions within one call, however some institutions are involved in more projects so they count once in the total
** Value relates to the private and State owned enterprises
*** The contracted  value for projects within 1st call of "Research Cooperability" program was 2.910.756 EUR however the funds remained were used to contract the projects within the 2nd call of "Research Cooperability" program and the total contracted for UKF projects equals 4.706.290 EUR

Table 1 shows data related to the number of projects and total amount of UKF  contracted/spent funds on projects, number of scientists (domestic, foreign and from Diaspora), number of institutions (Croatian and foreign), partners from private sector and shares of obtained for co-financing from domestic and foreign institutions and partners from private sector. Data are shown by calls and programs.
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