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Public viewing to the environmental protection procedures on UKF projects

The Fund Unity Through Knowledge has undertaken procedures of environmental impact assessment described in the document Environmental Management Framework for all projects proposed for funding for My first Collaboration grant. These procedures and requirements are integrated in the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Croatia and are associated with environmental laws and Security Policy of the World Bank; the procedures essentially consist of Environmental Assessment, Environmental Assessment and mitigation measures of the environmental impact where it is needed. The projects were notified on the environmental requirements for the assessment of the project so that it can be carried out in an environmentally friendly way.
In accordance with the procedures of the World Bank in the area of environmental protection within STP II project, the UKF Secretariat invites interested stakeholders to submit comments on the proposed environmental procedures on seven UKF projects for which plans for environmental management are presented.

Public access to the proposal of procedures of environmental protection on UKF projects will be available in the period from 16 October until 30 October 2017. The documents are available in the Croatian language at the below link or at the address UKF Fund/HRZZ Ilica 24, 10000 Zagreb. Your opinions, objections or proposals related to specific project may be submitted until 30 October 2017 to email ured@ukf.hr

The list of projects
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