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Call for proposals for the Connectivity program, 2A Gaining Experience Grant closed

On February 01, 2019, midnight, Call for proposals for Connectivity Program, Gaining Experience Grant was closed.

In Call for proposals for Gaining Experience Grant a total of 38 applications were submitted: 20 projects are in research area of Natural sciences, 9 of Technical sciences, 3 of Bio-medical sciences, 3 of Bio-technical sciences, 2 projects in research area of Humanities and 1 project is in Interdisciplinary sciences fields.

After receiving of proposals, they will be checked for formal compliance with call propositions (duration: 14 days).
These criteria are rigorously applied and any proposal found to be ineligible is excluded from evaluation. The eligibility check is carried out before the beginning of the evaluation process, however it is continued during the evaluation process. The decision to exclude a proposal for failing one or more eligibility criteria may be taken at any appropriate moment before, during or after the evaluation sessions, when ineligibility has been proven.
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