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Unity through Knowledge Fund: first Calls for Proposals open

Unity through Knowledge Fund has recently launched its first program and announced the Calls for Proposals for financing joint research projects of Croatian expatriate scientists and experts with their Croatian colleagues.
The Fund has been created by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Technology and Sports with the aim to use potential and establish cooperation between the Croatian scientific and professional Diaspora. The Fund is going to finance collaborative research projects and knowledge-based business activities of expatriates and Croatian researchers, institutions and companies.
Both researchers from Diaspora and Croatia may apply for financial support of the projects that are to be based on Croatian organizations. The Fund will
support only those projects that create added values to Croatian economy and society, and those that stimulate transfer of knowledge and investments to
Two Committees in charge of the Fund, which include the eminent scientists and experts, will be deciding about the allocation of the support. They will use the assistance of the peer review of international independent experts. Total resources planned for the next three years amount to 5 million euros, including a 3,7 million euros from the World Bank credit. More information about the open calls, the Fund's procedures and guidelines for applications can be found on the websites of the Fund (www.ukf.hr) or the Ministry (www.mzos.hr).
Currently open calls are intended either for the excellent researchers who made their careers abroad in order to establish new projects in Croatia (Homeward Grant), or for the excellent Croatian researchers who wish to create a cooperation with partners abroad (Crossing Borders Grant). Individual grants can amount up to 200.000 EUR for a three-year period, and can cover maximum 90 percent of the total project costs. Proposals can be submitted until the end of May 2007.
After the launching of the first program, the Fund will soon open calls other types of grants too, aimed at young researchers, commercialization of research,
intellectual property protection and enhancing international mobility of Croatian scientists. All supported projects will contribute to the Fund’s mission of unifying scientific and professional potential of Croatia and Diaspora in the development of the knowledge based society.

Zagreb, 21st of March 2007
Hrvoje Meštric, Ph.D.
Program manager

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