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FAQ - Research Cooperability Program, Crossing Borders Grant
Overhead – overhead is intended  for the administrative organization and doesn't need to be specified. It is required int he minimum of 5% and maximum of 15% of the costs requested from UKF  (not from the total costs which also include matching funds). Therefore if you are requesting 100.000 EUR from UKF, Overheads cannot be higher than 15.000 EUR.

Personal costs – UKF approves bruto II costs

Matching funding and letters of financial committment - Matching funding can be committed  from  one or more organizations involved in the project  (administrative organization, partner organization or other organizations from public and private sector (Croatian or foreign) which have professional interest in the project. It is essential to ensure the total matching funding for the project be at least 20% from the amount requested from UKF. Same applies to the minimum of 5% which must be committed as financial contribution.  Accordingly, the administering organization  can give all, nothing or part of the funding.
Letters of financial committment must contain  committment for matching funding (you don't need to have the contract signed with the organization or money in the account at this time), the equivalent of  financial value, with the description of in-kind offered and the letter must be signed by the responsible/authorized personof the organization. Financial contribution should not be specified but must be intented for the project activities and be spend during the project  implementation.
Letter of committment and letter of financial commitment from the same organization can be sent as one letter.

In kind contribution – out of 20% of the amount requested from UKF requested for matching funding, 15% may be in form of in kind contributions (goods or services) needed for research. In-kind contribution must be measurable and proveable.

In-kind contributions can be:
- expertize needed for the project
- 'working time' of sophisticated equipment  (price per hour/No of hours) or on the device privately owned which does not exist in Croatia
- personal time of local or foreign expert spent on the project (hours/days) spent on the project  
- costs for short time accomodation for visiting researchers
- costs of the doctoral study for doctoral students employed within the project and paid by UKF 
- specific consumables needed for research activities
- cost of durables when it is given by the partner institution for the project and will remain the property of the administering organization after the project

In-kind contributions cannot be:
- any existing or planned financial support from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Croatian Science Foundation as well as other sources of financing from the State Budget which are intended for science and technology development are not eligible as matching funding for this Grant. 
- salaries of researchers employed at the Leading organization 
- cost of VAT is NOT permissable cost for UKF funding in case the Leading organization is a big, middle or small enterprise. (if the Leading organization is a public higher-education institution or a public research institute the VAT cost is acceptable)
- basic facilities - office, buildings, installations, communication equipment (printers, photocopy machines, telephones), personal computers (desktop, notebooks, servers needed  for every day work).
- consumables or administrative and technical assistance which the Leading or Partner Organization may be expected routinely to provide
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