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Contracts awarded for the 17 projects in the total value of 22.2 million HRK
The contracts awards ceremony for 17 projects of the "Unity through Knowledge” Fund, in the total value of 22.2 million HRK, was held today in the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Projects will enable top scientific and technological research in Croatian institutions which will attract resources from the international funds and the private sector and also, while using Diaspora, will contribute to knowledge transfer and achieving scientific results in the Republic of Croatia. Newly acquired knowledge and skills, as well as networking with the world's top research institutions, will allow groups of scientists much more competitive approach and thus a better capacity to attract European and other international funds. It is planned that 17 projects submit 37 applications to international funds, especially within the Horizon 2020, and 5 applications to ERC (The European Research Council).

There will be 29 young scientists at the doctoral and postdoctoral level employed on the funded projects, which will have the opportunity to work with outstanding scientists in Croatia and Diaspora and visit the best institutions abroad.

Selected projects will be implemented in Croatian institutions: the University of Zagreb (five projects at the Faculty of Science, one project at the School of Medicine, one at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and one project at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing); the University of Rijeka (one at the School of Medicine and one at the Faculty of Civil Engineering) followed by five projects at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute, one at the Institute of Physics and one at the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries in Split.

The projects will be implemented in cooperation with prominent Croatian scientists from international scientific institutions in the United States (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Colorado Boulder, Harvard Medical School, University of Michigan, The Center for Cancer Research), the UK (Imperial College London , University of Oxford, University of Sheffield, London Research Institute), Italy (Universita di Trieste), Slovenia (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Germany (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics), Austria (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute of Science and Technology in Art, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo - Latin Studies), Mexico (Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares) and Switzerland (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) with which our institutions will establish a permanent relationship will be aimed at attracting further investment from international sources (such as Horizon 2020) as well as from the private sector .

More details on funded projects can be found at this link: 17 UKF projects
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