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The Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials and Sensors - CEMS

The research unit of the Science of graphene and related 2D structures is an integral part of the largest Croatian centre, which was recently declared the Centre of excellence for advanced materials and sensors (CEMS).
Head of the unit is a Marko Kralj  Ph.D. from the Institute of Physics, who was co-leader (Tonica Valla, Ph.D. from the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA was Project leader from  abroad) of the UKF project 1B "Photolithographic synthesis and electronic properties of graphene-based devices and related structures ".
The UKF project that ended in June 2012, can be considered as one of the "cornerstones of" successful networking of excellent scientists from different institutions (Institute of Physics, RBI, Faculty of Science), who are interested in the topic of graphene and 2D materials.
The results,  the expertise and the equipment resulting from the  completed UKF project, will be important for  the Center of excellence in the segments related to the synthesis of graphene and 2D materials and their preparation in the form of various circuits (electronic, optoelectronic sensors, ...).

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