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Invitation letter for independent expert

(i) The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MSES) represented by the Steering Committee of the Unity through Knowledge Fund (UKF) would like to thank you for agreeing to help as an independent expert to the evaluation for proposals received in response to the calls under the UKF.

(ii) Evaluation work includes formulating recommendations on the proposals submitted in order to find best projects in sense of the aims of the specified UKF program, in line with mission and goals of UKF. You should act impartially, independently and confidentially, in your personal capacity. You are expected to apply your best professional skills, knowledge and ethics, in accordance with the guidelines and time schedules provided. You should provide the UKF Steering Committee with any information it may need for the successful evaluation.

(iii) Evaluation work involves completion of forms and providing of comments on proposals and submitting these to the UKF Secretariat. To this end, you will be required to perform the evaluation work at your own place no later then 3 weeks of accepting this engagement. In addition, we ask you to participate on the consensus discussion of all experts and UKF Steering Committee members, which is going to be either a teleconference or a meeting, at place and time of your convenience. If you are not able to accept these duties, please contact the UKF Secretariat immediately. You may not delegate or be replaced for the work described.

(iv) The work entrusted to you requires you to submit the appropriate evaluation forms and comments to the UKF Secretariat not later then three weeks from today. If you fail to provide all appropriate forms and comments by this date, the UKF reserves the right not to pay all or part of the payment entitled to you below.

(v) In accordance with the UKF Guidelines and Procedures, the UKF Steering Committee has to avoid situations of conflict of interest on which you are required to give an opinion. To this end, you are required to accept the Code of Conduct where you state that no such conflict of interest exists at the start of your duties and that the UKF Secretariat will be immediately informed if such a situation should arise in the course of your duties.

(vi) You are required to accept this appointment letter and the accompanying conflict of interest and confidentiality declaration before you download any proposals to be evaluated. You will undertake not to make use of and not to disclose any facts, information, knowledge, documents or other matters brought to your attention due to the evaluation work or any results arising therefrom.

(vii) You may claim a compensation of 1000 HRK (130 EUR) per proposal you are entitled to evaluate. If you wish to claim this payment, you have to sign the contract that you will receive meanwhile and send it back to our address. In the case when the UKF Secretariat convenes the evaluator meeting, your possible travel and subsistence expenses may also be reimbursed on the basis of Croatian regulations and law. If you have not submitted the signed contract within the period of 60 days after receiving of contract, it is presumed that no claim for payment or for reimbursement of expenses will be requested.

(viii) In the case of a serious failure to fulfil your obligations from evaluation work or in respect of the terms of this Appointment Letter or the following Code of Conduct, the UKF Steering Committee may terminate your appointment immediately without formal notice or payment of any compensation.

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