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  • Croatian Science Foundation (www.hrzz.hr)
    The CSF supports research and technological projects and international cooperation within higher education system. The support includes help in the realisation of the research programmes of special interest within the fields of fundamental, applied and developmental research.
  • Program RAZUM (www.bicro.hr)
    The RAZUM program is intended to establish and initially help the development of knowledge-based private or largely private companies which are using traditional technology and/or are technology based companies and which can be expected to have a significant and favorable impact on the economic development.
  • Program TehCro (www.bicro.hr)
    The TehCro program will strengthen the infrastructure for research, technology and innovation through development of specialized Technology Incubators and a network of regional Science & Technology Business Centers and R&D Centers.
  • Program IrCro (www.bicro.hr)
    Program is intended to encourage and stimulate demand for services of public research institutions, as well as to encourage SMEs to invets in reasearch and development activities.
  • Research jobs in Croatia (www.nn.hr)
    Every publicly funded research job has to be published in Official Gazette (in Croatian). Sometimes they are published at the institutions' websites. Beware of short deadlines!
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