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UKF Research Cooperability Program attracts thirty-nine proposals

13 June 2007

The first two calls for proposals within the Research Cooperability Program (1A Homeward Grant and 1B Crossing Borders Grant) have been closed on 31 May 2007.

The final number of the complete project proposals that arrived to the Unity through Knowledge Fund within the deadline is 39.

The proposals that have arrived are planning research cooperations with scientists and experts of Croatian origin from Austria, Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of America. Homecoming researchers proposed few projects as well.

The arrived proposals encompass following areas of science and technology: biology, physics, geosciences, chemistry, computer sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, basic medical sciences, agronomy, education, information sciences, economy and sociology.

The proposed projects are requesting from the Fund a total amount of the 6.899.556 EUR (more then the total 3-year-budget of the Fund), and only for this year an amount of 1.316.256 EUR. Regarding the fact that in 2007 we have foreseen 364.800 EUR for the Research Cooperability Program, there are resources for approximately 28% of the funds applied for.

During the forthcoming evaluation process, the Fund’s management and Committees will try to identify the best proposals according to the Fund’s goals: supporting internationally competitive projects, supporting projects that provide added value to Croatia and supporting projects that develop science and technology infrastructure in Croatia. Details of the evaluation process can be found on the Fund’s web site, www.ukf.hr.

The Unity through Knowledge Fund thanks all candidates, both from homeland and from diaspora, for having confidence and submitting proposals to the first round of calls.

We are looking forward to starting the implementation of the best projects and launching new programs of the Unity through Knowledge Fund.

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